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Supporting sustainable economies based on healthy forests.

LEAF Donor Governments 

If the world is to succeed in keeping global temperature increases below 1.5°C, tropical deforestation must be halted by 2030. Traditionally, the vast majority of finance to protect forests has come from the public sector. However, the sheer scale of the problem means that government donors alone do not have the capacity to provide the funding needed to help forest countries end deforestation. LEAF’s sovereign donors are part of a unique public-private coalition, playing a catalytic role by using public funds to mobilize finance from the private sector at the scale required. Working with leading corporations and civil society, LEAF sovereign donors help forest nations reduce deforestation and achieve their sustainable development goals, while supporting indigenous peoples and protecting nature.

Image by Jesse Bauer

Four LEAF sovereign donor participants:

The LEAF Coalition was launched on Earth Day 2021 by the governments of Norway, the US and the UK, working alongside Emergent and a number of leading corporations. In 2022, The Republic of Korea became the fourth government, and the first from Asia to commit support to LEAF.

The Role of LEAF Sovereign Donors

Many donor governments around the world have extensive experience in supporting forest countries in tackling deforestation.LEAF is seeking additional donor governments to further strengthen the Coalition by committing their support.


Donor governments play several crucial roles withing LEAF including:


  • Committing funding and signing forward contracts that guarantee forest countries ‘results-based payments’ in return for reducing deforestation.


  • Leveraging diplomatic ties and networks to help Emergent build relationships at the highest levels with tropical forest governments.


  • De-risking transactions for forest governments by providing a purchase guarantee.


  • Providing support and expertise, based on years of supporting developing countries in tackling deforestation.


  • Supporting Emergent in the governance of the Coalition.


  • Providing strong governmental endorsement and advocacy for the LEAF approach.


  • Growing the LEAF Coalition by assisting with the recruitment of private sector participants.


Get in Touch

Contact us directly by filling out the form to find out more about how your government could support the LEAF Coalition’s mission to halt tropical deforestation:


Jon Shepard

Chief Operating Officer 


Thanks for reaching out, a member of the team will be in touch soon.

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Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway_edited.jpg
Espen Barth Eide,
Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway

‘Tropical forest countries want to protect their forests because they matter to their people and their economy. But they also have a global benefit, and we need to scale up international support. With the ambition now being presented by key tropical forest countries I am confident this is still just the beginning of a groundbreaking marketplace for the benefit of both biodiversity and the climate.’

Graham Stuart,
Minister of State for Energy Security and Net Zero in the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero - United Kingdom

‘Forests support communities, livelihoods and food supply, helping to absorb carbon emissions to keep 1.5.C alive. By investing to reduce our emissions now, we can build resilience and generate growth. The UK is committed to working with LEAF to drive global action for the benefit of the people and our planet.’

John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, United States

"The LEAF Coalition has set forth ways and demonstrates a very clear pathway by which we can work together to raise climate ambition."

Eunsik park_edited.jpg
Eun-sik Park,
Director General of International Affairs Bureau,
Korea Forest Service

‘Ending tropical deforestation is a vital tool in the battle against climate change. The Republic of Korea is proud to be the first country in Asia to support the LEAF Coalition. We look forward to working with LEAF to expand its footprint into new countries and attract finance from Asian corporations.

What LEAF Sovereign Supporters are saying

News and Updates


Access our full list of LEAF documents and resources below:

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